Pinterest FAIL: Arm-knitting

I’m excited to post my first Pinterest Fails & Wins series of my blog.  I have found Lifehacks that actually changed the way I do things, but I have also wasted time and money on DIY projects that ended up looking like I’d had a stroke half-way through, of which I will start serving up for your entertainment!

Full article here:

WELL, ISN’T THAT NICE?!  This novelty oversized blanket is stunning, and look how easy it is to make!  All you need is two arms and some string!

At  best I’d have a replica of what you see in the photo, which would make perfect, budget-friendly Christmas gifts for all my favourite bookworms.   At worst, I’d get my arms tangled in some yarn and have to wait for my husband to come home and cut me out of that mess.

Photo credit:

I already had two arms, so I just needed to buy the yarn to make this craft.   The original article calls for 8 or more balls (or skeins) of a specific-weighted yarn.  My country’s corporate craft-supply chain is notorious for over-pricing, and each skien of yarn was $19.95 there.    The original blogger used a yarn that was listed at $6.99/skein (US dollars),   but I haven’t been able to find it for that price in Canada.  Even online, Amazon sells this #7 Bulk Yarn for $10.65/skein.  Needing 8 or more units for one throw-sized blanket, this was getting expensive!  I even tried going to a rural Mom n’ Pop craft supply, but it was $15.95/unit there.


With yarn costing $10.65-19.95 + tax per unit, a single blanket was going to cost $96-180 (CAD) to make!  (Of note, I also looked at merino wool, but that was upwards of $33.95/unit!) 

Since you can purchase this blanket for less than the cost of making it,  this was a Pinterest FAIL for me and  I abandoned this craft.


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